8 Cleaning Tips You Need to Know When Pregnant

8 Cleaning Tips You Need to Know When Pregnant

When I was pregnant, I didn’t feel like doing much, especially clean! Getting off the couch was hard enough. I learned a few cleaning tips though to make it so my house wasn’t a disaster. Here are 8 helpful tips for when you aren’t feeling your best during pregnancy but you have to still keep up with your home!

Use Natural Products

Ditch your toxic cleaning products! Not only is it not good for the baby, but it’s not good for you either! Buy a multi-purpose non-toxic cleaner that you can use on any surface. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be doing a favor for the health of your baby and yourself!

Do a 10-Minute Tidy Before Bed

If you do a 10-minute tidy before bed each night, your house will never be too hard to tackle. It will make it so you aren’t waking up the next day to a mess when you most-likely aren’t feeling too great anyway.

Take Breaks

Always take breaks. The mess will still be waiting for you. There is no rush in cleaning when you’re pregnant. If you are starting to feel nauseous or overheated, take a snack break!

Avoid Big Projects When You’re at Your Worst

Your first trimester you might be at your worst, but then in your second trimester you might feel better than ever! So if you are in a point of your pregnancy where you are really sick, save big projects, such as cleaning out the fridge or re-organizing your cupboards for another time.

Stay Hydrated & Fueled

It is important to stay hydrated and not do a lot of physical activating on an empty stomach when pregnant especially. Having something as easy as a power bar or an apple will make it so you have energy to clean. Get a water bottle and make sure it’s filled up for you when you’re cleaning!

Set a Twenty-Minute Timer

I am always amazed at what I can get done when I set a timer for twenty-minutes. Set the timer for whatever you’d like, but this will make it so whatever you get done during that duration you can know that when that timer goes off, you’re done!

Clean as You Go

Doing little cleaning things as you go, such as loading your dirty dishes, and putting your laundry in the basket will make it so things don’t pile up on you and you’re then stuck with a ton of work.

Ask for Help

Never be too proud to ask for help, especially when pregnant. People love to help pregnant women out! So ask for help when you feel like you need an extra hand. If you have another child, what better time than now to start a chore list!